About Us

A child’s learning process is critical for it stages the foundation of his/her later educational endeavors and future successes. With this, we want to help every parent in developing and nurturing their child’s holistic requirements through providing them with proper and responsive quality care and rich learning experience suitable for their age-specific growth.

Alma’s Children’s Garden is a leading provider of early education and preschool. We are a licensed, fully-operated day care facility located at Oakland, California. Our care and educational services seek to be an efficient tool for a young learner’s optimum growth and development by cultivating them on an environment that inspires them to learn daily. Alma’s Children’s Garden staff are CPR and First Aide Certified.

We bring them a warm and friendly atmosphere where they are highly encouraged to move out from their own comfort zones and learn to enjoy exploring new things with peers regardless of their individual differences. They are equally treated with love and respect to boost their confidence as they invest their learning experiences with us.

If you would like to enroll your child at Alma’s Children’s Garden, please call 510-655-5909.

Alma’s Children’s Garden Philosophy

I believe that each child is unique and learns at their own pace. My challenge is to build a warm, supportive environment where children learn through play and creative nurturing, as well as challenging environment to contribute to the development of the child as a whole person.

For me its very important to teach the children the basic things in life, such as good hygiene, eating manner, social skills and good behavior. Learning when to say please and thank you are simple skills that will help the child grow to have a good attitude through their life.

Each child is regarded with respect and is encourage to respect the differences of others.